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Edexcel GCSE Biology: Topic Questions

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Concise resources for the GCSE Edexcel Biology: course.

Topic QuestionsMark Schemes
Section 1: Key Concepts in Biology
Cell Basics Cell Basics MS
Enzymes Enzymes MS
Section 2: Cells & Control
Cell Division Cell Division MS
Specialised Cells & The Nervous System Specialised Cells - The Nervous System MS
The Brain & The Eye The Brain & The Eye MS
Section 3: Genetics
Sexual & Asexual Reproduction Sexual & Asexual Reproduction MS
Inheritance 1 Inheritance MS 1
Inheritance 2 Inheritance MS2
Inheritance 3 Inheritance MS3
DNA & protein synthesis 1 DNA - protein synthesis MS 1
DNA & protein synthesis 2 DNA - protein synthesis MS2
Section 4: Natural Selections & Genetic Modification
Natural Selection & Evolution 1 Natural Selection & Evolution MS 1
Natural Selection & Evolution 2 Natural Selection & Evolution MS2
Genetic Engineering & Selective Breeding 1 Genetic Engineering & Selective Breeding MS 1
Genetic Engineering & Selective Breeding 2Genetic Engineering & Selective Breeding MS 2
Section 5: Health, Disease & The Development of Medicine
Human Disease 1 Human Disease MS 1
Human Disease 2 Human Disease MS2
Human Disease 3Human Disease MS3
Immune System Immune System MS
Section 6: Plant Structures & their Functions
Photosynthesis & plant growth Photosynthesis & plant growth MS
Transport in Plants Transport in Plants MS
Leaf Structure & FunctionLeaf Structure & Function MS
Plant Hormones Plant Hormones MS
Section 7: Animal Coordination, Control & Homeostasis
Menstrual Cycle & pregnancy Menstrual Cycle & pregnancy MS
Homeostasis 1 Homeostasis MS 1
Homeostasis 2 Homeostasis MS 2
Homeostasis 3Homeostasis MS 3
Urinary System Urinary System MS
Section 8: Exchange & Transport in Animals
Circulatory system 1 Circulatory system MS 1
Circulatory system 2Circulatory system MS2
Respiration Respiration MS
Section 9: Ecosystems & Materials
Feeding Relationships & Organisms in the EnvironmentFeeding Relationships & Organisms in the Environment MS
Cycles within Ecosystems Cycles within Ecosystems MS
Humans & The Environment 1 Humans & The Environment MS 1
Humans & The Environment 2Humans & The Environment MS 2

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