Grade six, Edexcel GCSE Maths

Revision Notes

Choosing a method

There are lots of different ways of remembering what to do when rearranging formulae – every teacher (and student) has their favourite…

…here’s mine!


This is a mnemonic (way of remembering something) developed by a class I taught many years ago and based on a real person…

…it will deal with everything except roots and powers (see the next set of notes for that) and can also be used for solving equations…

  1. GROF – Get Rid Of Fractions
  2. GROB – Get Rid Of Brackets 
  3. LET – Lump Everything Together (or Let’s Examine Terms)
  4. FIN – Factorise If Necessary
  5. D – Divide



Rearranging Formulae Example, IGCSE & GCSE Maths revision notes


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