OCR GCSE (9-1) Gateway Physics: Topic Questions

Questions organised by topic with mark schemes for the OCR GCSE (9-1) Gateway Physics course.

Topic QuestionsMark Scheme
Section 1: Matter
The Particle ModelThe Particle Model MS
Changes of State Changes of State MS
Section 2: Forces
MotionMotion MS
Newtons LawsNewtons Laws MS
Forces in ActionForces in Action MS
Section 3: Electricity


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Static and charge
Simple circuits 1
Simple circuits 2
Section 4: Magnetism and Fields
Uses of magnetism
Section 5: Waves in matter
Wave Behaviour
The Electromagnetic spectrum 1
The Electromagnetic spectrum 2
Wave Interaction
Section 6: Radioactivity
Radioactive emission
Uses and hazards
Section 7: Energy
Work Done
Power and Efficiency
Section 8: Global challenges
Physics on the move 1
Physics on the move 2
Powering Earth 1
Powering Earth 2
Beyond Earth

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