OCR GCSE (9-1) Gateway Chemistry: Topic Questions

Questions organised by topic with mark schemes for the OCR GCSE (9-1) Gateway Chemistry course.

Topic QuestionsMark Schemes
Section 1: Particles
The Particle ModelThe Particle Model MS
Atomic StructureAtomic Structure MS
Section 2: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
Purity and Separating MixturesPurity and Separating Mixtures MS
BondingBonding MS
Properties of MaterialsProperties of Materials MS
Section 3: Chemical Reactions


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Introducing Chemical Reactions
Types of Chemical Reactions 1
Types of Chemical Reactions 2
Section 4: Predicting and Identifying Reactions and Products
Predicting Chemical Reactions
Identifying the Products of Chemical Reactions
Section 5: Monitoring and Controlling Chemical Reactions
Monitoring Chemical Reactions 1 
Monitoring Chemical Reactions 2
Controlling Reactions
Section 6: Global Challenges
Improving Processes and Products 1
Improving Processes and Products 2
Organic Chemistry 1
Organic Chemistry 2
Organic Chemistry 3
Interpreting and Interacting with Earth Systems 1
Interpreting and Interacting with Earth Systems 2

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