Metallic Bonding, Structure & Properties

Specification Point 1.40:
  • Explain the properties of metals, including malleability and the ability to conduct electricity.

Properties of metals table, Edexcel GCSE Chemistry

Diagram showing the sea of free electrons which moves around the regularly ordered positive metal atoms

Metals & Non-Metals

Specification Point 1.42:
  • Describe most metals as shiny solids which have high melting points, high density and are good conductors of electricity whereas most non-metals have low boiling points and are poor conductors of electricity.

Metals and nonmetals

  • The Periodic Table contains over 100 different elements.
  • They can be divided into two broad types: metals and nonmetals.
  • Most of the elements are metals and a small number of elements display properties of both types. These elements are called metalloids or semimetals.

Periodic Table Metals and Non-Metals, Edexcel GCSE Chemistry

The metallic character diminishes moving left to right across the Periodic Table

Properties of metals

  • Conduct heat and electricity.
  • Are malleable and ductile (can be hammered and pulled into different shapes).
  • Tend to be lustrous (shiny).
  • Have high density and usually have high melting points.
  • Form positive ions through electron loss.
  • Form basic oxides.

Properties of nonmetals

  • Do not conduct heat and electricity.
  • Are brittle and delicate when solid and easily break up.
  • Tend to be dull and nonreflective.
  • Have low density and low melting points (many are gases at room temperature).
  • Form negative ions through electron gain (except for hydrogen).
  • Form acidic oxides.

Edexcel GCSE Chemistry Notes

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