Top New Year’s Study Resolutions To Stick To In 2022

With the New Year celebrations over, the first month of 2022 is in full swing. And despite our best intentions, many of those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions we made might already be beginning to slip…

Sound familiar? You’re not alone! But when it comes to your studies, there are a few simple resolutions that really are worth making, and trying your best to keep.

Practise these study habits now, and they’ll make achieving your goals later in the year a whole lot easier! Read on to find out what they are, and how you can make sure you keep them throughout the year…

Set up a schedule

Looking at the long list of tasks you have to complete can feel a bit overwhelming. And if you try to tackle everything all at once, you’ll likely fail to really complete any of them at all.

Making a study schedule is a surefire way to keep yourself focused, and get through your task list quicker. How? By breaking down your list into individual tasks and assigning them specific blocks of time. You’ll be able to dedicate your full attention to each task and stay focused for longer.

Plus, when you finish a task, crossing it off your list will provide a sense of achievement which motivates you to move on to the next!

Mix it up 

If you’re finding your study sessions repetitive or unengaging, or are struggling to understand a topic no matter how many times you revisit it, it’s time to mix things up.

There is no single correct way to study and, in fact, using multiple different methods can really help. As well as reading through your Revision Notes, why not try using active recall or putting your knowledge to the test with some Topic Questions? If you’re a visual learner, try introducing more images, diagrams and colours to your notes.

Have fun trying out new study methods and experiment to find which ones work best for you!

Put your knowledge to the test

We’ve all heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect.’ And, when it comes to studying, it’s essential.

Once you’ve spent a while learning and revising a topic, set aside some time to test your knowledge. You could use Past Papers or Topic Questions, or test yourself with some quickfire active recall. Whatever you choose, make sure to put all your notes away and try your very best to answer every question.

Don’t worry if you can’t answer everything yet, though! This is just a practice and will help you identify which areas to spend more time revising. Plus, you’ll sharpen your exam skills at the same time – it’s a win-win.

Tackle the toughest task first

You’ve written out your to-do list and there’s one task that you’re absolutely dreading. Do you:

Put it right to the bottom of the list – you’ll deal with it later

Sit and procrastinate all your other work by worrying about it


Get straight to work and complete it right away

Most of us tend to go for a mix of and B, opting to tackle easier tasks first and becoming more and more anxious or frustrated about the horrible task we still have to do.

But the answer we should all be reaching for is, of course, C. Research suggests that the key to productivity lies in tackling your most difficult task first. You might have heard people say that to be successful it’s important to “eat the frog“. As gruesome as this sounds, it works on the same principle – the best way to move forward and achieve your goals is to tackle the most difficult tasks head-on.

Prioritise your wellbeing

When it feels like you have 101 things to do, or an important test is approaching fast, taking a break from studying might seem counter-productive. But fail to carve out time to relax and you could be heading straight for study doom.

Short, frequent breaks are absolutely essential when you’re studying. Stretching your legs, catching up with a friend or taking the time to do something you enjoy will help you to de-stress, refresh your mind and leave you better prepared to resume studying when you return to your desk. Map out time to complete each of your tasks or revise each topic, then factor in times where you can schedule a break. You’ll thank yourself later!

Ready to put these resolutions into practice? Made some of your own study goals for 2022?

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