How over 20,000 students are using this online tool to score top grades during the pandemic 

Save My Exams is a teacher-created online tool that has helped tens of thousands of students worldwide to improve by an average of 2 grades. That’s the difference between a C and an A (or a Level 6 and a Level 8!).

Here’s how our bespoke 3-pronged approach works…

1. Topic Questions

Save My Exams organises exam-style questions by topic and subtopic, so you can laser-focus your study efforts on the areas that you’re weakest in.

They say that practice makes perfect, and our Topic Questions allow you to really dive deep into individual topics and practice with questions that are JUST like those you’ll encounter in your real exams.

On the site you’ll find over 10,000 questions spanning Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology; you can filter them by difficulty level and keep track of your progress with our tracker tool.

What’s more, these questions are downloadable as PDFs, so you can work offline and avoid the distractions of the internet.  

Maths topic question

2. Model Answers

Every single Save My Exams Topic Question is accompanied by a Model Answer – a step-by-step guide to solving the question perfectly, written by teachers and examiners. 

If you tend to get stuck on the hard questions, and then even more confused when trying to work backwards from the mark scheme, these Model Answers will be a lifesaver

Each Model Answer serves as a demonstration of what you need to be doing to secure full marks (including those crucial ‘working’ marks). 

It’s just like having a teacher on standby to support your homeschooling and revision!

Rationalising the Denominator Example, A Level & AS Level Pure Maths Revision Notes

3. Revision Notes

The final piece of the Save My Exams toolkit is our comprehensive collection of Revision Notes.

If you missed a topic in class or didn’t understand your teacher’s explanation, we’ve got you covered

Written by subject-expert teachers and examiners, our Revision Notes cover everything you need to know to score top grades. They are concise and well-organised, meaning you won’t have to read through pages of ‘fluff’ in order to get to the good stuff. 

Our teams keep the content regularly updated – so you can be confident that all the information is correct and aligned with your course specification. 

Not to forget two of the best features of our notes: the beautiful bespoke diagrams which make complex concepts come to life, and the Exam Tips designed to help you maximise your marks on test day.

Ready to achieve your full academic potential with the best revision platform on the internet

From only £5 per month, you can secure full, unlimited access to Save My Exams’ revision resources. 

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