Mock Exams: How To Learn From Your Mistakes

Getting your mock exam results can be a daunting prospect (and disheartening if you don’t do as well as you’d hoped). But remember: every single exam-style practice that you complete is a valuable opportunity for learning and skill development

Successful students pay close attention to the mistakes they make in their mock exams, using them to tailor and refine their study plans going forward. If you’re determined to make the most out of your results and raise your grades ahead of the summer, you’ll need to act on the following advice from the Save My Exams experts:

Making sense of your mocks

1. Don’t take your marks to heart

If you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped in your mock exams, don’t be downhearted or lose motivation. There’s still plenty of time for you to turn things around before the summer!

That’s because, even if your summer exams have been cancelled, your mock grades will not automatically become your final grades (as they did for some students in 2020).

Schools will assign grades using a combination of teacher-assessments, internal summer exams and other measures of progress (like coursework and classwork).

Keep checking our social media pages and blog regularly over the coming months, as we’ll be sharing and explaining all the new and relevant exam updates from the official sources. 

So keep studying with our new Revision Notes (see below for an example of one our fantastic new revision diagrams), pushing yourself with our new Topic Questions, and use the Spring and Summer terms to achieve your full potential.

2. Think about why you went wrong

If things went even slightly awry for you, it’s important thing is to be analytical about it and think about why.

Did you fall short of what you wanted because you ran out of time? Now you know to work on your timing. 

Was it a lack of preparation or rest — say, you slept badly the night before, you didn’t eat breakfast, or you were distracted by nerves? Now you know to prioritise that kind of self-preservation in the future. If there was a specific topic (or a few) that you struggled with, guess what: it’s time to really hone in on those topics and make sure you can crack them before the summer. 

Did you know that we regularly post blogs with revision tips, exam tips and topic explainers? Browse our library of expert-written posts here.

3. Reflect on what you got right

When it comes to the things that did go well, it’s vital you don’t get complacent. As much as you need to think about areas for improvement, it’s also vital you stay consistent in the areas in which you excel. Make sure you maintain the energy and determination that helped you succeed in your mocks, so it can help you again in the summer.

Why not consider helping your friends to revise the topics you find easy, so that they can help you with the topics you find difficult? 

4. Talk to your teachers

Your teachers are there to help you. Having been your teachers for any length of time, it’s likely they’ll know you as a student and as a person, and they will be able to find a way to give you a hand in a way that suits you.

If you made mistakes in your mocks that you’re worried about, don’t be afraid to ask for extra help. Even if you’re not in the classroom at the moment, they’ll appreciate it and will be happy to help online. In many cases, you’re unlikely to have an issue a teacher hasn’t seen before; they’re people who know what they’re doing and are there to guide you along.

5. Study exam past papers

If your main problem in the mocks was a lack of familiarity with exam-style questions, there’s no need to wait until your next test to try again.

Save My Exams hosts a huge collection of official past papers and questions organised by topic, so dive right in and get practising. Our teacher-written Model Answers will show you exactly what you need to do to score full marks.

Finally, remember that you’ve got this! It’s not been an easy year – academically, socially and personally, but your generation of students are developing incredibly important online learning skills and resilience

If you have any further questions for our team of tutors and study experts, reach out on social media @SaveMyExams

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