How NOT to worry about GCSE Results Day

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Amy studied at the University of Bristol and is our revision blog guru. She only graduated recently so understands the pressures of being a student better than most, and is here to share her wisdom so that you revise effectively, smash your exams, succeed at school and write cracking university and job applications.

Congratulations to everyone who’s now finished their GCSEs and IGCSEs! You’ve all worked incredibly hard and it has paid off. Now it’s time to celebrate.

There can be an odd feeling of aimlessness after finishing exams. You’ve been working hard for so long, and now you’ve got lots of free time on your hands. You might also start to experience that niggling worry about what’s coming on Results Day. So, we’ve put together some motivational wisdom for you to take forward into this post-exam phase of your life, to help you keep the Results Day stress at bay.

1. Find time to relax between now and GCSE Results Day

Over the exam period you’ve been working at full capacity and it’s time for your mind and body to recuperate. Therefore, it’s important to find time to relax between now and Results Day. You’re lucky enough to have a long summer ahead of you, so make sure you really use it before the next academic year is upon you.

Relaxation can be achieved in a number of different ways. Simple ways to relax include getting an early night and plenty of sleep, meditating, practicing yoga, having a bath, or listening to your favourite album or podcast (perhaps whilst having a bath!). You may also be planning to decompress in other ways such as going on holiday with family or friends, or attending a music festival. Whether your plans are – big or small – finding the time to relax this summer is absolutely crucial.

2. Spend time with family and friends 

During exams, it can become difficult to spend time with your family and friends. So, take this time to catch up. Factor your parents and siblings into your plans, as well as members of your extended family. If they live further afield, why not plan a trip?

This summer is also the perfect time to spend time with your friends – especially if you all have different plans for the upcoming year. Make sure you enjoy each other’s company whilst you’re still in close proximity to one another. Finally, it has probably been a while since you have interacted in a non exam-related environment. So, ditch the exam chat and get back to normal!

3. Continue to be productive

During exam season you may have put a lot of your personal interests on the backburner. Acting, art, music or sport, for instance. Now is a great time to use your new found freedom to pick up all the things that you love, but may have neglected during revision. With so much more free time, it can be tempting to waste it watching Netflix. Whilst you definitely should watch some Netflix, use your free time wisely and further a different skill set.

Studying and sitting your exams has proven that you have a remarkable capacity to focus for an extended period of time and take in a lot of new information. Don’t let this skill go to waste; just channel it towards a different and more creative project, that you truly enjoy! Such as learning a piece on the piano, painting a picture, or learning to sew, for example.

4. Remember that what’s done is done 

After the initial jubilation that comes after finishing your final exam, it’s very common for the stress and worry you felt during exams to shift to the prospect of Results Day. However, it’s important to keep reminding yourself that what’s done is done. You have done all that you can and there’s nothing else you can do.

Try your very hardest to stay calm and focus on other things until August. You tried your best and it’s out of your hands!

5. Keep things in perspective 

Finally, it’s important to remind yourself that whatever the outcome may be on Results Day, you will be fine. Take solace in the knowledge that you tried your absolute hardest and that’s all that can be asked of you. Nothing more is expected.

Even if your worst fears materialise (which they won’t!), it’s never as bad as you anticipate. There is a way to rectify any problem; and ultimately, you still have plenty of time to get to where you want to be.

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