Edexcel GCSE Maths Exam 2019: All The Topics That Were Covered in Paper 1

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Amy studied at the University of Bristol and is our revision blog guru. She only graduated recently so understands the pressures of being a student better than most, and is here to share her wisdom so that you revise effectively, smash your exams, succeed at school and write cracking university and job applications.

If you’re taking the Edexcel GCSE Maths course, you would have sat the first paper on 21st May. We hope it went really well!

To help you revise for Paper 2, we’ve put together a list of all the topics that came up in Paper 1H, so you know where to focus your revision before the next exam on 6th June.

Since it was a non-Calculator paper, any of these topics may turn up again on either of the calculator papers; but the ones in bold are less likely to. Click on a topic to be taken to the relevant Revision Video.

(We will produce a list of topics which have NOT yet been tested as soon as possible after you take the second paper (2H) on 6th June. That will hopefully give you a clear idea of what will most likely turn up on the 3rd paper on 11th June)


Mixed Numbers & Top Heavy Fractions

Multiplying & Dividing Numeric Fractions  


Roots & Indices

Rounding & Estimation



Factorising Quadratics – Simple

Proof/Reasoning – Algebraic


Completing the Square


Direct & Inverse Proportion

Similarity – Areas and Volumes

Transformations – Reflection & Translation (Enlargements still to be tested)

Volume – Formulae

Drawing Plans & Elevations

Trigonometry – Exact Values

Basic Probability

Median, IQR, Mode, Range

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