The top university courses that you’ve never heard of

Your dream degree is out there.. maybe you just don't know it yet! Choosing which subject to study at uni can feel hugely daunting, especially if you're not keen on taking any of the subjects you’re currently studying any further. But if this is you and you're feeling a little disillusioned, don’t worry! There are lots of degree courses that [...]

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Here are 5 things you can do NOW to smash January exams

It might only be early November, but with all the excitement that comes with Christmas and New Year, January exams will be upon you quicker than you can say Santa Claus. But there’s no need to panic! A bit of preparation goes a long way when it comes to revising, and there’s actually lots you can be doing right [...]

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How important are mock exams, really?

Now that you’ve started the second half term of the academic year, you might have started thinking about your upcoming mock exams. Mocks give you a good idea of what to expect when you take the real thing in the summer, and will ultimately serve as predictions for your final results. Important, right? Well, we think so. But lots [...]

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Falling behind at school? THIS is how to pull it back

With Halloween on its way and an autumnal chill beginning to set in, we’re already well into the new academic year and studies are gathering pace. As tests, tasks and coursework begin to add up it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed after a long summer. You may even feel like you’re falling behind at school. But never fear [...]

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10 things to know about the new Maths A Level

10 things to know about the new Maths A Level Simon After 24 years teaching A Level Further Maths, Maths whizz Simon focused his attention on tutoring. He’s helped thousands of young people make sense of Maths and now he’s helping you too - aren’t you lucky! He’s [...]

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What is a personal statement & how do I write one?

Hello and welcome to Year 12! The year you begin your A Levels and start to think about what you want to do once you’re finished with school. Although you’ve only been back at school for just over a week, you’ve probably heard a few university ‘buzzwords’ floating around -  including ‘UCAS’ and ‘personal statement’. You might be feeling [...]

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