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Welcome To Save My Exams

At Save My Exams our goal is simple – to develop high quality, affordable revision resources for GCSE & A Level students. Our resources are developed by a team of world-class teachers who have over 200 years of experience helping students get the most out of their revision. Save My Exams supports over 25,000 students and is an essential companion for anyone serious about achieving exam success.

Meet Our Team

Jamie Undrell
Jamie UndrellFounder & CEO
Professional tutor Jamie was inspired to create Save My Exams after helping students struggle with the ever-increasing demands of exams. He wanted to create a platform filled with reliable, high quality resources so that students could revise effectively whilst building confidence – and so Save My Exams was born!
After 24 years teaching A Level Further Maths, Maths whizz Simon focused his attention on tutoring. He’s helped thousands of young people make sense of Maths and now he’s helping you too – aren’t you lucky! He’s even worked as an Edexcel examiner, so knows exactly what they’re looking for.
After 42 years teaching A Level Biology, Chris decided to use what he’d learnt to help students with their studies outside of the classroom. His experience as an A Level examiner makes him the perfect candidate to craft our model answers, so if you’re using these, chances are Chris wrote them. He knows his stuff!
Merlin helps write our Maths resources. His passion for education led him to join the Save My Exams team. He wants to help more students embrace their individual styles of learning by developing essential Maths resources for Save My Exams, that you can use to get the grades you deserve!
Since gaining her degree in Biological Sciences at Oxford University, Katie has been teaching GCSE and A Level Biology in Brighton. She’s also been busy as an OCR examiner, meaning she knows exactly what examiners want to see when they mark your papers. We’re lucky to have her sharing her insights with us!
Based in the stunning Cayman Islands, our resident environment expert Caroline is Head of Science at a local secondary school. When she’s not teaching or writing our Biology resources, she’s volunteering for the Department of Environment, helping monitor turtle nests and release hatchlings into the wild. A true biologist!
Melody To
Melody ToProject Manager
Working behind the scenes, Melody makes sure Save My Exams is always running smoothly. An education enthusiast, Melody began her professional career in Psychology, studying children’s development as a researcher at King’s College. She then became a brilliant business woman, running her own after-school tuition centre in London. Now, she is very much part of the Save My Exams team!
Ali loves helping others tackle tough subjects. He began tutoring Maths and Physics whilst still at secondary school, then after studying Engineering at Oxford University he spent time working in the Oil and Gas industry – a real scientist in action! Now he’s working with us to create revision resources that will help you nail your Physics exams.
Ellie completed her degree at Oxford University, and then trained to become a science teacher at the UCL Institute of Education, specialising in Chemistry – which everybody knows is the best science (and the most challenging A Level out there!). She has five years teaching experience at a top independent school in London and is now charge of Save My Exams awesome chemistry resources.

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