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At Save My Exams our goal is simple – to develop high quality, affordable revision resources for GCSE & A Level students. Our resources are developed by a team of world-class teachers who have over 200 years of experience helping students get the most out of their revision. Save My Exams supports over 25,000 students and is an essential companion for anyone serious about achieving exam success.

Meet Our Team

Jamie Undrell
Jamie UndrellFounder & CEO
Professional tutor Jamie was inspired to create Save My Exams after helping students struggle with the ever-increasing demands of exams. He wanted to create a platform filled with reliable, high quality resources so that students could revise effectively whilst building confidence – and so Save My Exams was born!
After 24 years teaching A Level Further Maths, Maths whizz Simon focused his attention on tutoring. He’s helped thousands of young people make sense of Maths and now he’s helping you too – aren’t you lucky! He’s even worked as an Edexcel examiner, so knows exactly what they’re looking for.
JennaHead of Science
With a specialisation in Biology, Jenna has taught Science to students at GCSE, IB and A-Level at schools in the UK and internationally for over 10 years. Hugley passionate about creating the best possible revision materials available, Jenna now oversees the creation of our Revision Notes and Topic Questions across Science and Maths.
LucyMaths Lead
Lucy has been a passionate Maths teacher for over 12 years, helping to engage interest and develop confidence in the subject across all levels. As Head of Department and Director of Maths, Lucy has advised schools across both academy trusts and an entire city, where her role was to support and coach teachers to improve Maths teaching for all.
AmeliaBiology Lead
While studying Biochemistry at Oxford University, Amelia started her own tutoring service, helping to connect Science tutors with students in her local area. Amelia has experience teaching the sciences and Maths at all levels to UK and international students and, as well as being our Biology Lead, designs revision resources for Chemistry.
KatiePhysics Lead
Katie has always been passionate about the sciences, and completed a degree in Astrophysics at Sheffield University. She decided that she wanted to inspire other young people, so moved to Bristol to complete a PGCE in Secondary Science. She particularly loves creating fun and absorbing materials to help students achieve their exam potential.
Paul has taught mathematics for 20 years and has been an examiner for Edexcel for over a decade. GCSE, A level, pure, mechanics, statistics, discrete – if it’s in an exam Paul will know about it! Paul is a big fan of clear and colourful notes with lots of diagrams – one of the many reasons he is excited to join the SME team!
Ashika graduated with a first-class Physics degree from Manchester University and, having worked as a software engineer, wanted to focus on Physics education, creating engaging content to help students across all levels. Now an experienced GCSE and A Level Physics and Maths tutor, Ashika helps to grow and improve our Physics resources.
With a highly accomplished educational and professional background, including a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and a number of publications in Maths, Physics and Medieval Literature, Roger is a passionate learner and teacher. His wealth of experience across a range of disciplines helps to inform his creation of original materials for Maths revision.
Alistair graduated from Oxford University in 2014 with a degree in Biological Sciences. He has taught GCSE/IGCSE Biology, as well as Biology and Environmental Systems & Societies for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. While teaching in Oxford, Alistair completed his MA Education as Head of Department for Environmental Systems and Societies.
SamRevision Notes
Sam started in education by teaching English as a foreign language at schools in the UK, Canada and Mexico. Later, he became a writer and editor working on ghostwriting and translation projects, and in SEO as a content editor and manager. Now on the Save My Exams management team, Sam helps our teachers create revision notes.
MelodyProject Manager
Working behind the scenes, Melody makes sure Save My Exams is always running smoothly. An education enthusiast, Melody began her professional career in Psychology, studying children’s development as a researcher at King’s College. She then became a brilliant business woman, running her own after-school tuition centre in London. Now, she is very much part of the Save My Exams team!
TashCustomer Service
Tash is here to help answer your questions and solve your problems. Starting her career in fashion with a first class degree, she has 5 years experience in account management. Tash enjoys helping clients with their questions, solving issues and explaining products. Get in touch with your queries, resource feedback or any new ideas.

Previous Contributors

Morgan’s passion for the Periodic Table begun on his 10th birthday when he received his first Chemistry set. After studying the subject at university he went on to become a fully fledged Chemistry teacher, and now works in an international school in Madrid! In his spare time he helps create our fantastic resources to help you ace your exams.
Peter studied in Cape Town, and after a ten year career as a Civil Engineer he followed his true calling: teaching GCSE and A Level Physics in schools around the world. Peter writes our Physics model answers to help you get a deeper understanding of the question, as well as the correct answer. We’re delighted to have Peter on the team!
Sarah has 15+ years’ experience teaching. She has been the Head of Faculty in three schools in all very different circumstances, working with a wide range of different children. More recently she has focused on tutoring, finding this a really rewarding way to help students understand science. Sarah understands the pitfalls that students can find in interpreting exam questions. She has taught and tutored all three sciences to A level and has worked as an examiner for AQA.
Paul has been a professional tutor for over 14 years. He’s helped countless students boost their grades, mostly via 1:1 tutoring, and has also run large revision events. He has a 1st Class Degree in English Literature, and before joining Save My Exams he ran an education publishing company, where he edited over 100 books on GCSE/A Level exam texts.
Passionate about all the sciences, Biology has always been Jennifer’s favourite, and she became a teacher through the Teach First Programme having graduated from University College London with a degree in Human Sciences. Jennifer was Head of Science at a school in Singapore, and later become a private tutor making original resources to engage and help students through their exams.
Based in the stunning Cayman Islands, our resident environment expert Caroline is Head of Science at a local secondary school. When she’s not teaching or writing our Biology resources, she’s volunteering for the Department of Environment, helping monitor turtle nests and release hatchlings into the wild. A true biologist!
David was awarded a degree in Physics from Imperial College before going on to study his PhD in Theoretical Physics. He has over 20 years’ teaching experience, including 14 years as a Head of Department and a spell as an A level examiner. He has won acclaim for his work on digital education and is devoted to gaining students the highest grades in their examinations.
After 42 years teaching A Level Biology, Chris decided to use what he’d learnt to help students with their studies outside of the classroom. His experience as an A Level examiner makes him the perfect candidate to craft our model answers, so if you’re using these, chances are Chris wrote them. He knows his stuff!
Merlin helps write our Maths resources. His passion for education led him to join the Save My Exams team. He wants to help more students embrace their individual styles of learning by developing essential Maths resources for Save My Exams, that you can use to get the grades you deserve!
Since gaining her degree in Biological Sciences at Oxford University, Katie has been teaching GCSE and A Level Biology in Brighton. She’s also been busy as an OCR examiner, meaning she knows exactly what examiners want to see when they mark your papers. We’re lucky to have her sharing her insights with us!
With degrees in both Maths and Economics, Tom is the perfect candidate to help create and moderate our Maths resources. His passion for the subject has led to a brilliant teaching career: since retiring as the Deputy Head of a top secondary school, Tom has delivered transition courses at his local university, and tutored Maths students part-time. With Tom on board you’re in safe hands!
Ali loves helping others tackle tough subjects. He began tutoring Maths and Physics whilst still at secondary school, then after studying Engineering at Oxford University he spent time working in the Oil and Gas industry – a real scientist in action! Now he’s working with us to create revision resources that will help you nail your Physics exams.
Dan is a Chemistry teacher and tutor so understands how tricky the subject can be! He joined Save My Exams to help you get to grips with the course content, and make the subject more manageable. When he’s not creating our Chemistry resources, he can be found playing badminton or attempting to cook at home with his foster cats.
Abbie is a cake and karate enthusiast who began her career in education as a GCSE and A Level Chemistry teacher, before becoming Head of Department. She’s also worked as an exam marker, A Level practical moderator and KS4 & 5 resource writer, so knows exactly what’s required for exam success! Abbie helps write our Chemistry resources.

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