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CIE A Level Physics: Past Paper Topic Questions

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Concise resources for the A Level CIE Physics: course.

Topic QuestionsMark Schemes
Physical Quantities & Units
Physical Quantities & Units 1-Multiple Choice Physical Quantities & Units 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Physical Quantities & Units 2-Multiple Choice Physical Quantities & Units 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Measurement Techniques
Measurement Techniques 1-Multiple Choice Measurement Techniques 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Measurement Techniques 2-Multiple Choice Measurement Techniques 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Equations of Motion-Multiple Choice Equations of Motion-Multiple Choice-MS
Motion Graphs-Multiple Choice Motion Graphs-Multiple Choice-MS
Newton's Laws of Motion 1-Multiple ChoiceNewton's Laws of Motion 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Newton's Laws of Motion 2-Multiple Choice Newton's Laws of Motion 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Linear Momentum 1-Multiple Choice Linear Momentum 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Linear Momentum 2-Multiple Choice Linear Momentum 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Forces, Density & Pressure
Moments -Multiple Choice Moments -Multiple Choice-MS
Density & Pressure-Multiple Choice Density & Pressure-Multiple Choice-MS
Forces 1-Multiple Choice Forces 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Forces 2-Multiple Choice Forces 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Work, Energy & Power
Work, Energy & Power 1-Multiple Choice Work, Energy & Power 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Work, Energy & Power 2-Multiple Choice Work, Energy & Power 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Work, Energy & Power 3-Multiple Choice Work, Energy & Power 3-Multiple Choice-MS
Deformation of Solids
Deformation of Solids 1-Multiple ChoiceDeformation of Solids 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Deformation of Solids 2-Multiple Choice Deformation of Solids 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Ideal Gases
Ideal Gases-Multiple Choice Ideal Gases-Multiple Choice-MS
Thermal Properties of Materials
Thermal Properties of Materials-Multiple Choice Thermal Properties of Materials-Multiple Choice-MS
Wave Basics 1-Multiple ChoiceWave Basics 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Wave Basics 2-Multiple ChoiceWave Basics 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Wave Basics 3-Multiple Choice Wave Basics 3-Multiple Choice-MS
Stationary waves-Multiple Choice Stationary waves-Multiple Choice-MS
Diffraction & Interference-Multiple Choice Diffraction & Interference-Multiple Choice-MS
Electric Fields
Uniform Electric Fields 1-Multiple Choice Uniform Electric Fields 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Uniform Electric Fields 2-Multiple Choice Uniform Electric Fields 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Current of Electricity
Current, Potential Difference & Power 1-Multiple Choice Current, Potential Difference & Power 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Current, Potential Difference & Power 2-Multiple Choice Current, Potential Difference & Power 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Resistance & Resistivity 1-Multiple Choice Resistance & Resistivity 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Resistance & Resistivity 2-Multiple Choice Resistance & Resistivity 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Sensing Devices-Multiple Choice Sensing Devices-Multiple Choice-MS
D.C. Circuits
Practical Circuits & Kirchoff's Law 1 - Multiple Choice Practical Circuits & Kirchoff's Law 1-Multiple Choice-MS
Practical Circuits & Kirchoff's Law 2-Multiple Choice Practical Circuits & Kirchoff's Law 2-Multiple Choice-MS
Potential Dividers -Multiple Choice Potential Dividers -Multiple Choice-MS
Particle & Nuclear Physics
Particle Physics  1 -Multiple Choice Particle Physics  1 -Multiple Choice-MS
Particle Physics 2  -Multiple Choice Particle Physics 2  -Multiple Choice-MS
Nuclear Physics -Multiple Choice  Nuclear Physics -Multiple Choice-MS