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AQA A Level Biology: Past Paper Topic Questions

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Concise resources for the A Level AQA Biology: course.

Questions by Topic Mark Schemes
Section 1: Biological Molecules  
Monomers & Polymers Monomers & Polymers MS
Carbohydrates Carbohydrates MS
Lipids  Lipids MS 
Proteins and Enzymes  Proteins and Enzymes MS
Nucleic Acids - Structure and Replication  Nucleic Acids - Structure and Replication  MS
​Water ​Water MS
Inorganic Ions Inorganic Ions MS
Section 2: Cells  
Cell Structure / Eukaryotes / Prokaryotes / Methodology Cell Structure / Eukaryotes / Prokaryotes / Methodology MS
The Cell Cycle including Mitosis The Cell Cycle including Mitosis MS
Transport across cell membranes  Transport across cell membranes  MS
Cell recognition &  Immune system Cell recognition &  Immune system MS
Studying Cells  Studying Cells MS
Section 3: Organisms & Substance exchange  
Surface area to volume ratio  Surface area to volume ratio MS
Gas exchange  Gas exchange MS
Digestion and absorption Digestion and Absorption MS
Mass transport in animals  Mass Transport in Animals  MS
Mass transport in plants  Mass Transport in Plants MS
Section 4: Genetic Info/Variation/Relationships  
DNA; Genes; Chromosomes  DNA; Genes; Chromosomes  MS
DNA and Protein Synthesis DNA and Protein Synthesis MS
Genetic Diversity via Mutation and Meoisis  Genetic Diversity via Mutation and Meoisis MS
Genetic Diversity and Adaptation Genetic Diversity and Adaptation MS
Species and Taxonomy  Species and Taxonomy MS
Biodiversity within a Community  Biodiversity within a Community MS
Investigating Diversity  Investigating Diversity MS
Section 5: Energy Transfers in & between Organisms  
Photosynthesis  Photosynthesis MS
Respiration  Respiration MS
Energy and Ecosystems Energy and Ecosystems MS
Nutrient Cycles  Nutrient Cycles MS
Section 6: Organisms: Responses to their Environment  
Stimuli and Response : Survival and Response  Stimuli and Response : Survival and Response MS
Nervous Coordination :  Nerve Impulses  Nervous Coordination :  Nerve Impulses MS
Nervous Coordination :  Synaptic Transmission Nervous Coordination :  Synaptic Transmission MS
Skeletal muscles Skeletal muscles MS
Homeostasis : Principles and Negative Feedback Homeostasis : Principles and Negative Feedback  MS
Homeostasis : Control of Blood Glucose  Homeostasis : Control of Blood Glucose MS
Homeostasis : Osmoregulation  Homeostasis : Osmoregulation MS
Section 7: Genetics/Populations/Evolution/Ecosystems  
Inheritance and Genetic crosses ​ Inheritance and Genetic crosses ​MS
Populations inc. Hardy-Weinberg Populations inc. Hardy-Weinberg MS
Evolution & Speciation Evolution & Speciation MS
Populations in Ecosystems  Populations in Ecosystems MS 
Section 8: The Control of Gene Expression  
​Gene Mutation  ​Gene Mutation MS
Gene Expression : Stem Cells Gene Expression : Stem Cells MS
Gene Expression : Regulation of Transcription & Translation   Gene Expression : Regulation of Transcription & Translation  MS
Gene Expression : Gene expression and Cancer  Gene Expression : Gene expression and Cancer MS
Using Genome Projects (gene sequencing) Using Genome Projects (gene sequencing) MS
Gene Technologies :  Recombinant DNA Technology  Gene Technologies :  Recombinant DNA Technology  MS
Gene Technologies :  DNA Probes  Gene Technologies :  DNA Probes MS
Gene Technologies : Genetic Fingerprinting  Gene Technologies : Genetic Fingerprinting  MS